Dems spending over $400K to defend bribery (committed by themselves)

02/03/2010 10:10

DNC GIVES NELSON $500K TO DEFEND VOTE, reports POLITICO’s Ben Smith: “I noted here a couple of unusual, off-cycle ads in Nebraska, defending Ben Nelson, and wondered how the Nebraska Democratic Party was paying for them. Joe Sudbay has the answer: ‘According to the Nebraska Democratic Committee's latest FEC report, it received a contribution of $459,760.00 from the DNC. Here's a screen capture from the FEC report, which can be seen in full here (It's the ‘Year End’ for 2009)’ But a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Jim Manley, told POLITICO the money was not part of the deal to get Nelson's vote. … The DNC also denied a deal. ‘We, the Democratic Party, were defending a Democratic senator from attacks from the health insurance industry and other special interests for his support of reform. Senator Nelson is not the first Democrat we have defended from these attacks and he will not be the last. We've spent money directly in support of House Democrats who have supported reform in the form of TV and radio ads and we've also worked with state parties to defend Democrats like Senators Nelson, Lincoln and Dorgan who have stood up to the insurance industry in support of reform,’ said DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan.”

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