Good luck to our friends in PA, throw that Specter out!

02/03/2010 13:09

SPECTER BACKS RECONCILIATION, reports HuffPo’s Sam Stein: “Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Penn.) urged his Democratic colleagues over the weekend to unite around a plan that would allow them to move forward with health care legislation using a process that requires only 51 votes. Speaking at a Pennsylvania Progressive forum on Saturday, Specter suggested that the only way to get health care reform passed would be to placate House Democrats who were concerned about passing the Senate bill pro forma. The only way to placate House Democrats, he added, would be to pass amendments to the Senate's legislation ‘simultaneously’ through the use of a process known as reconciliation. ‘I believe we ought to pass comprehensive health care reform and we ought to do it now and there is a way to do it,’ Specter said. ‘I provided the 60th vote. We passed it in the Senate. Let the House accept it, simultaneously with a bill to make certain changes through reconciliation and 50 votes. There will be no disagreement about taking away the giveaway to Nebraska and Louisiana and the other inappropriate measures but let's move ahead and let's move ahead now.’ Specter's remarks could go some way towards alleviating angst among House Democrats who have been hesitant to proceed with health care reform without an explicit guarantee from the Senate that it will make additional changes to the legislative language.”

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