More NYC pandering to illegals

01/27/2010 12:26


Serrano to Community: "Know Your Rights, Know Your Precint"

On January 27th, Senator José M. Serrano co-hosted “Know Your Rights, Know Your Precinct,” an information session aiming to acquaint East Harlem immigrants with the resources available through the 23rd precinct. “No one’s immigration status should determine their safety,” said the Senator. “It is extremely important for immigrants everywhere to know their rights and to feel safe in the communities in which they reside.”

(meaning once again, pandering to illegals and putting them inappropriately on the same level as those who are legal)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 1:52:19 PM]
  • Senator Monserrate Celebrates Central American Culture and Heritage in Corona, NY


    Queens, NY – On Monday evening, Senator Hiram Monserrate was joined by Council Member Julissa Ferreras of the 21st District and over 400 Latinos and supporters for a joyous and colorful celebration of Central American culture and heritage at Queens Theatre in the Park.

    The event featured native cuisine and artistic performances from Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

  • (why isn't Mexico listed here? perhaps so not to draw attention to the largest of the illegal immigrant groups. well they were there, and you bet ya that illegals belonging to the mentioned groups were too)

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